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MuchCast will help you access most relevant, accurate, real-time social data out of cumbersome data noise.

Twitter is an online microblogging social networking service where worldwide people publish their own opinions, complaints, issues, criticisms on various types of topics, products, and services. Therefore, Twitter is an excellent, rich data source for the people who are conducting any kind of research. Muchcast will assist you to gather your daily research content easily, without wasting your time and effort scrolling through scattered Twitter data load.

It's Easy, Anyone can use it !

Yes, you can be a Marketing Researcher, Journalist, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast or any individual who are interested in gathering your own research base.

You can be an academic, student or independent researcher from university or institution.

You can be from corporate, government or NGO.

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Reasons to choose MuchCast

Hassle-free Use

You are provided a very convenient user interface. No need of any technical skills to manipulate Twitter API data. We do it for you. Therefore this is ideal as a daily tool.

Downloadable Reports

Our exports can be used for your publications and reproducible research. You can download all the data you researched, to .pdf and .csv formats.

Sentiment Analysis

Our tone analyser determines positive, negative and neutral sentiment for a given tweet. Additionally provides emotions such as joy, fear, sadness, disgust, and anger too.

Real-Time Twitter Data

You will be reached at your target market research audience in real-time, so you can collect latest updates from them that you were so eager to hear.

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